Carpet, Tile, and Floor Care

The flooring in our homes is one of the most significant, recurring expenses in home ownership. Proper care and maintenance of carpet and tile greatly extends the life, improves appearance, and improves indoor air quality. ProClean has Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification trained and certified flooring specialists that are experienced in the methods and equipped with the best tools to care for your home’s flooring.

Did you know that the largest air filter in your home is under your feet? Carpet not only serves to improve the appearance and comfort of your home; it also traps dust, allergens, and pollen and serves as a giant filtration device for your indoor air. Regular vacuuming with a HEPA-filter equipped vacuum with significantly improve your indoor air quality. Annual hot-water-extraction (aka Steam Cleaning) is recommended to sanitize the carpet and get rid of the things your vacuum misses.

ProClean uses a 8-step method to ensure the most effective cleaning and sanitization of your carpet.

  1. Pre-cleaning inspection. Inspection to identify any areas of concern, locations for possible pre-treatment (oils, significant staining, pet urine, food/drink spills) or damage.
  2. Vacuuming. One of the most critical things we can do to care for our carpets is to vacuum regularly. Prior to cleaning, we always vacuum.
  3. Pre-treatment of concerns identified in inspection.
  4. Soap application. We apply the correct soap for cleaning your carpet, depending upon the composition of the carpet.
  5. Agitation. We use carpet rakes to agitate the soap into the carpet fiber in order to break up stuck on gunk and grime.
  6. Hot Water Extraction. We “Steam Clean” your carpet to turbo charge the effectiveness of the soap and sanitize and clean your carpet fibers.
  7. Spot Cleaning. When carpets are clean, problem areas can present that were not necessarily evident in the pre-inspection. We carry a wide range of spotters to help us remove even the most stubborn spots.
  8. Carpet Raking. Once carpets are clean, we use a carpet rake to open and stand the carpet fibers for quicker dry times.