Dwell time and sanitization

The current Coronavirus pandemic has brought the snake-oil salesmen out of the woodwork. Dubious claims of sanitizer effectiveness and methods led me to write this post about understanding what you are using in your home or business to protect yourself from this virus…or any other virus, for that matter. The very first step you should take before you purchase any sanitizing chemical is to check out the EPA approved list and see if it is listed on there as effective against the pathogen or virus you are wanting to eliminate. Once you check against the EPA list, then it is very important that you read the label very closely and follow the directions to a T! Pay particular attention to Dwell Time. This is the amount of time that the sanitizer must remain in contact with the target surface in order for it to be effective. Some sanitizers have dwell times measured in seconds and others, minutes. Make sure you are keeping the sanitizer in place long enough for it to do it’s job, or you’re just wasting time and money and possibly not killing the bug you’re trying to kill.

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